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It's pretty amazing. Uh it's working over there feeling good cool. Thank you katie.

Let me just take one look and make sure before you get too deep into it, so yeah it's working awesome so uh for those that don't know me. My name is Steven brooks and I'm one of the Co great live pikkelysömör watch online of the envision festival and today We're gonna talk a little bit about community and community, something so important to me it's something that I feel is lacking in so many people's lives.

You know, I when I, when I go to cities which isn't that often but when I do, I walk around and I really feel that that hole in so many people's lives where you are surrounded by people that you know actually support you and care about you and are part of your community.

You know and uh community isn't just The people that live next door to you or the people that live in your neighborhood it's actually the people that support you and you support and that you're part of something greater. So right now, where I'm writing to you live from here in Costa Rica which is kind of this incredible revolving intentional community it's constantly evolving is constantly changing and at any point, if you wanna share on our facebook, live round the envision page right now uh brother pete, but uh it's constantly evolving like right now.

We have this incredible retreat with our friends just magic and analyze your Ray and they're doing this incredible retreat about finding your voice.

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You know and at the same time I'm you know there's 12 or 15 how many eighteen people here eighteen people that are already living great live pikkelysömör watch online plus a couple of friends that were kind of coming in and out so right now we're a community of about 30 something people and every morning. We wake up and we live together. You know we eat our meals together the things that we you know have here are the resources that we have whether it's electricity that we use the water that we drink the water that we shower with and together we, we really try to be conscious of consciousness conscious, conscious uh Of how much resources were using and at the same time, everyone cares about each other.

You know that give somebody is feeling sad. Like other people know when they wanna step up and and support and I think you know there's so many levels of community like there's, like our new killer, family, whether it's like our children and our wife and her husband or if there's also like the you know, the community that we work with the community that we um you know whether, it's our church, our synagogue or whether it's the community that's you know our Ritual practice you know whether, it's the community that's our Yeah, I mean charges are group of friends.

Our facebook community, there's, so many different levels of community and and today what I really wanna focus on is just kind of what what, in vision has become. You know this is our ninth year doing envision and and envision community has grown so much.

You know it's like I was just traveling the States for a couple of months and I couldn't believe how many people knew about envision like everywhere. I went people lie. I went in two thousand five or come in and I went in two thousand 15 and I went in two thousand We have the first in the nation in two thousand 11 and and I feel like It's amazing, how that's just become such an incredible community same here at mono.

You know, we started 23 years ago and tens of thousands of people have come here and I've lived for some amount of time and we have this great are community because we all have experience.

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This similar experience or we have the burning man community which is such an important community cause we've all gone through those Gates we've all made you know, angel, you know dust Angels in the dust and if we're ending our first year we've, all experience, those White out we've all been through that experience so we're part of this Interesting community that we could, that we called burning man recalling vision.

We call them on it. Cuz we've been through a similar experience and uh it's profound it's profound and I feel you know great live pikkelysömör watch online you know it's like I'm at the same time, we're in my kind of community and my circle is working we're doing it in my circles of of um just our reality, you know it's like a lot of people have heard about in vision but then there's, certain communities.

You know if I went to a trump rally for what, if I went to Nobody's heard of invision you know and uh and it's not surprising. You know, but it's interesting it's interesting. How, how these communities grow and how we can you know, make them deeper and stronger so one thing that we have you know since we started in division, one of the things that was really important to us was we wanted to um.

We wanted to deepen that. That level of community because within the envision community there's, many different micro communities there's the people that are more into the music you know there or there might be the people that are into one Killer genre musical, there's, a whole fan club grids was one of our headliners. This year, so there's, a whole grizz community within the greater envision community.

Maybe there's uh. You know yoga girl rachel is coming and you know maybe there's a whole crew that's coming to vision that's really excited about her and more excited about the yoga aspect of the vision, then there's, like the whole perma culture reality and there's people that are more excited about the perma culture at envision great live pikkelysömör watch online there's, all these different micro communities and what I've always said it's like it's so incredible how random our physical communities are like that your neighbor is only your neighbor because they couldn't afford that home next door.

It went for sale now I bought it but it doesn't mean that they actually have anything in common with you. You know it's like they're just your neighbor great live pikkelysömör watch online I think that's so weird and so random and um part of what we do when we practice we want to eradicate randomness so one of the ways we want to eradicate randomness at envision within this greater vision community is we really wanted to help houses looking up their carat, all good nice ilove the relax nice of facebook lives um yeah before I go into that.

I'm gonna take great live pikkelysömör watch online phone for your friends that maybe just show you where we are um we're Mona up there we're we're in pomona and uh check.

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It out. This is here's our House boom. This is our House right here say hi can let's katie and then look right outside our houses.

great live pikkelysömör watch online

All this account ow oh my gosh kinda introduce you live right. We gotta live right here in the House. I love my family yeah. This individual. We talking to envision family alright hey darren yeah big love yeah anybody out there just wanna ask any questions, give us a shout out.

We got a lighter right here in the House we're at the beautiful pomona. This place is epic so grateful for this Brother right here and for this lands which is just about to feed my belly. Yes, you guys went to metro wow. Thank you so much and alot of the food that we eat here was grown right here. Nothing like that cool guy that thinks I'm on so look to its continuing look right here is our kind of our main House. I didn't really prepare the House so much for this facebook live, but damn look at this couch just pumping right in here.

I'm coming over great live pikkelysömör watch online kitchen guys anyways naked put on your clothes were not This is our put them in the kitchen and it's really the heart of our community.

great live pikkelysömör watch online

You know it's it's amazing how important the kitchen is. It's where all the food gets process and career made and it's so delicious and good to check out the food over here.

great live pikkelysömör watch online

When these are blackberry jam for it's like, try me blackberry jam fruits. This boot is off the chain here. We go just magic in freaking House and you know why we do you know why we're looking at you just magic and I just wanna take a moment to talk about freedom, culture on the superhero crew who were part of last year.

It was really our first year last year. Anything you wanna say about it just this is okay I'm pretty much yeah absolutely so 20 people watching what's up 20 people, 40 yeah, but that one is really sexy. Um so freedom, culture, yeah. What I love about it is there such an emergence of it. So it's basically it's like just by the way he can do it.

Freedom, culture is was Super hero academy last year and it's a theme camp and that's kind of the point of this facebook live as we wanna introduce this concept of theme camps, so go ahead, sorry, yeah so, in terms of the theme Kim freedom, culture as a theme really allows you to be really connected to what's emerging so it's like if you have a song that wants to be shared and you wanna or self organize a song Circular fire ceremony or get up in the Middle of something and just like make an announcement about something you feel that you just wanna create a circle and everyone hold hands or just running around wild and you know fully free there's, something about it.

It's a very self organizing and, let's you be really present to what the truth is that's great live pikkelysömör watch online of you to share experiences.

They wanna create I'm coming in here yeah I really like that and so it was an amazing what I've found last years it's such an amazing space for me personally to be able to be my ceremony lists off and my musical self and offer my gifts in that way, and then see the feeling of other People wanting to rise up and share that experience which was just such a blessing and actually intentionally choose your neighbors. If you're a few of these theme camps, I think what's really interesting is that there's retreats prior to the throwing side so you have a retreat prior to your your theme camp.

So the whole group comes together, get to know each other and then they go to envision together and all live together so, like I was saying you're actually intentionally choosing your neighbors they're not just random so in the freedom, cultures um case they actually come to ne before Envision and thank you so much. I appreciate it. Love you, everybody, yeah so um they actually get. They come to for four days and then they all travel to envision together and then they get there and great live pikkelysömör watch online part of this incredible.

great live pikkelysömör watch online

Um theme camp all together um some other examples is we're doing yoga girl rachel is doing a yoga retreat prior to envision great live pikkelysömör watch online people are gonna go through deep work with her and as part of this yoga retreat and then they're gonna live together at ground At envision which I think is, is very unique. Another one that we're doing um is with uh one pub pablo Barcelona and David wolfe and it's like a Super food cleanse incredible magical.

You know time before envision, where people are gonna be living together and great live pikkelysömör watch online yoga and and working with one button is and his sweet fiance um regan and and they're gonna be doing deep work together and then you actually live together at the festival so I think that's that's what's really interesting that uh that you don't just go to the festival and then just try to meet people you actually go together You're part of something greater another one is like, if you're into acro yoga, um our crew from momentum is doing a um.

Acro yoga um free retreat so you do this whole kind of journey prior to envision and then you're living together in your theme count so I think that's what something really amazing hey buyer I love you you're the best hotdog caller it's so fun to see the people that are signing on um if anybody wants to chime in and ask any questions I'm happy to answer them.

This is a really great opportunity for anybody that wants to talk about um. Any of these things that I'm talking about there's also um Sarah whoo and the village which is They're doing two different things are doing a um medicinal uh plant free envision.

great live pikkelysömör watch online

Um retreat, they're also doing the clinical where people actually learn about. You know uh herbal first aid and then set up the herbal clinic in vision which is like you know there's so many awesome herbal workshops out there in the world, but to actually work with patients. This gives you the opportunity to actually work directly with patients which I think is a great live pikkelysömör watch online amazing great live pikkelysömör watch online to learn all these different practices and then dive right into the clinic um trying to think some of The other ones that are happening um so yeah anyway there's all these different theme comes another thing that's really incredible that were going on.

I think our seventh year doing them is. We do both free and post envision tours and the tour actually comes here to let me take a moment and just show you even just where great live pikkelysömör watch online are and what can you guys see the ocean right. There, like so these are our houses. This was the cow was just showing you just have to try to orient you and I hope I'm not being too shaky, look at the ocean out there I'm gonna try to walk out a little bit before uh.

I did not clean up The yard for this facebook live but look at the people out there. These are all tables out there on the ocean. Can you see the ocean out there it's just so. Freaking epic um, but the the vision tour actually comes for three nights to put pikkelysömör krioterápia kezelése mona and what's it's another it's kind of the same concept like the vision for every year you're traveling around with 25 people with our incredible guidebook rochester who shout out to brooke she'll be leading the tour and she's um.

She grew up here in Costa Rica and she's so incredible she's been coming to envision pretty much every year, so you know you're 25 people traveling around Costa Rica, together creating community so that when you get to envision your literally arriving, there with your 25 new best friends and uh and so I think this idea of great live pikkelysömör watch online and this idea of you know intention you know it's like.

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We want to surround ourselves intentional. We want to eradicate the randomness. We don't want the people that we can't without envision, just to be totally random I'm putting this down so we're gonna have to go there My kiütések a bőrön vörös foltok formájában a homlokon that's good yeah how's that lighting sorry you guys yeah so so that the people that are that are part of your camp orange is totally random and the people that you're living next door to and uh yeah you great live pikkelysömör watch online perma culture is what we really practice here at one and it's a really big part of envision is one of our pillars is it's kind of you know the way I define perma culture is how can we meet our goals and use less energy you know and that's what we really want to do we wanna use less energy and still thrive hey so good to see you out there.

I wanna give a shout out to alexa rosenthal she's. Our head of marketing um along with James and they're doing such an amazing job and you know it's amazing to work with People and to like them, but it's also even more amazing to love them and they're be to be some of great live pikkelysömör watch online closest friends and it's so interesting.

We had, we get this on these calls to talk about in vision marketing and then we just end up just going to our own deep friendship which is so sweet so I think I think in conclusion and in essence, we want to create thriving community with vision that's why we do it. You know that's. Why we work so hard to create this festival is so that people can be surrounded by like-minded people and people could be connecting with people that have Similar visions and similar dreams so that by the end of this time, there, together you can Dream big and you can plan what's next and you could try to come up with you know vörös foltok a szemhéjak bőrén steps in creating collectively the life of your dreams because we are all so busy just trying to do our own thing it's the same thing at envision.

If you're on your own and you're buying a tent and you're trying to figure out your own camp and you're on your own and your rent, your neighbors are random that's one way to do it so what we're trying to do with the vision to create infrastructure, one where the People will be you know less random and also we wanna help you know great live pikkelysömör watch online like if you're coming from with some of the country and your flying into envision it's not like you're, just renting a car in San Francisco and you can stop at walmart and buy all your new stuff.

We don't want that. So this year we have another really cool program which we call ready, set camp and ready set camp is you organize an event and you arrive and envision and there's, like a tent set up for you already with the mattress in the bed and sheets and you don't have to worry about all about all that before and it's all you know these are new things like you know every year um no matter what we're doing we're Constantly trying to like listen to the feedback you know and make small tweaks and adjustments you know really important.

Perma culture principle is like. We really wanna listen to what people say and what will make their envision experience better and I know for me like I want to help.

great live pikkelysömör watch online

I want you to help me help you to create a thriving community. Anybody have any questions out there it's so nice to see that you guys are all chosen intentionally to be watching me today.

I could maybe walk around here a little bit and just show you a little bit more put them on a while waiting for your question Opens Yeah, I just, I just want to honor the cow um so many people eat chocolate everyday and never know where it came from.

So this is a cow ipod and literally it's like right in our House and you take the seeds of the cow and you um you great live pikkelysömör watch online care don't go away. I want to check in with you, for a minute um you take the season that you roast them and the seeds of this fruit are actually where chocolate comes from and that's incredible to see all these people watching wiring anybody asking more questions hey Steven can't wait to be there hey morning guy awesome it's so funny when people that are watching so great live pikkelysömör watch online kara hi okay That you're doing putting on the spot, I don't like being on video but I'm okay cool.

If you're not you can tell me that would be operating.

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It totally for that. So, so I wanted um to just check in with you, you were such a big part of the freedom culture and that this is the Super hero theme camp last year I'd love to hear your kinda take it.

You know, I knew we're kind of a part of my inspiration about just you know really you know growing this idea of theme camps and you know the prior retreats that people get to add connect before the festival and great live pikkelysömör watch online do the first one the other one of your thoughts on it and I think it's really Nice to come in with the group and I was here at the mona, like right before envision last year with the with the group of incredible people, hundred 20 people, yeah it was awesome but, like you get to go really deep with them.

First and then going in to envision. You have, like people around you, that you just I'm ina vision is great live pikkelysömör watch online a great like it's small enough. That you can see the same people, but also big enough, that you can meet so many new people so it was like it was just really nice to have that container. I thought and just see the same faces and have, like Community within the greater and that's it that's what it was yeah that's.